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18 LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS All subject categories

!Xoo language
!Xu language
Abron language
Abure language
Acholi language
Adamawa-Ubangi languages
Adangme language
Adyukru language
Afade language
Afar language
African languages
Afrikaans language
Afroasiatic languages
Aka language
Akan languages
Akoose language
Akpa language
Alaba language
Aladian language
Alur language
Amharic language
Amo language
animal names
Anyi language
Arabic language
Argobba language
artificial languages
Asu language
Atlantic languages
Austronesian languages
Avikam language
Avukaya language
Awutu language
Bade language
Bafaw language
Bafia language
Bafut language
Baga languages
Bagirmi language
Bainouk-Gunyaamolo language
Baiso language
Bajuni language
Baka language
Bakoko dialect
Baldamu language
Bali language (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Bambara language
Bamileke languages
Bamun language
Bana language (Cameroon, Far North Province)
Banda language
Bandi language
Banen language
Bantu languages
Baoulé language
Bari language
Basa language
Bemba language
Bembe language (Congo Brazzaville)
Bench language
Benue-Congo languages
Beraku language
Berber languages
Bete language
Biali language
Bidiyo language
Bira language
Birom language
Bokyi language
Bolanda dialect
Bole language
Bolon language
Boma language
Boni language
Borana dialect
Boulba language
Bozo language
Bube language
Bubi language
Bukusu language
Buli language
Bullom languages
Bulu language
Busa language
Bushoong language
Central Sudanic languages
Cerma language
Chadic languages
Chaga language
Chamba Daka language
Chewa dialect
Chokwe language
Chopi language
Cifundi dialect
Comorian language
Creole languages
Cross River languages
Cushitic languages
Daasanach language
Daba language
Dagari language
Dagbani language
Dan language
Dangaleat language
Dari dialect
Degema language
Dendi language
Dime language
Dinka language
Diola language
Dogon language
Doko dialect
Duala language
Dutch language
Dyan language
Dzùùngoo language
Eastern Nilotic languages
Ebrié language
Edo language
Efik language
Egyptian language
Ekoi language
Ekonda dialect
Elmolo language
Emai language
English language
Enya language
Eotile language
Esimbi language
Ethiopian-Semitic languages
ethnological names
Etsako language
Ewe language
Ewondo language
family names
Fanakalo language
Fang language
Fanti language
Farefare language
female parlance
first names
Fon language
French language
Fulfulde language
Fur language
Fyer language
Ga language
Gade language
Gagu language
Ganda language
Ganjule language
Gbanziri language
Gbaya language
Gbe languages
Ge'ez language
German language
Ghomala language
Gisu language
Godye language
Gokana language
Gonja language
Grassfields Bantu languages
Grebo language
Gula language
Gumuz language
Gun language
Gur languages
Gurage language
Gurma language
Guro language
Gurunsi languages
Gusii language
Gwandara language
Gxana language
Ha language
Hadiya language
Hadza language
Harari language
Hausa language
Haya language
Hdi language
Hebrew language
Hehe language
Herero language
Holu language
Hombori dialect
Hozo language
Hunde language
Ibibio language
Idoma language
Igbo language
Ijo language
Ik language
Ika language
Ikoma language
Ila language
indigenous languages
Indo-European languages
Iraqw language
Isekiri language
Isoko language
Isu language
Italian language
Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe language
Jarawa language
Judaeo-Arabic languages
Jukun languages
Jula language
Kabiye language
Kabyle language
Kadugli language
Kaffa language
Kagoma language
Kaje language
Kalanga language
Kamara language
Kamba language
Kanembu language
Kanuri language
Kanyok language
Kaonde language
Karaboro Eastern language
Karanga dialect
Kasem language
Kenyang language
Kete language
Kgalagadi language
Khoikhoi languages
Khoisan languages
Kikuyu language
Kilega language
Kim language
Kimbundu language
Kinga language
Kinyarwanda language
Kissi language
Kituba language
Kola dialect
Kom language
Kongo language
Koonzime language
Koorete language
Kordofanian languages
Kore dialect
Koring language
Koro language
Korop language
Kpelle language
Krio language
Krongo language
Kru languages
Kulango language
Kuliak languages
Kunama language
Kundu language
Kuria language
Kurumba language
Kusaal language
Kuwaa language
Kwa languages
Kwakum language
Kwambi language
Kwangali language
Kwanyama language
Kwegu language
Kwese language
Kwiri language
Kxoe language
Laadi language
Laamang language
Lala language
Lamba language
Lango language
language change
language classification
language history
language policy
language usage
Laro language
Lenje language
Lese language
Limbum language
Linda dialect
Lingala language
lingua francas
loan words
Lobi language
Logo language
Lokele language
Loma language
Lomwe language
Londo language
Lorhon language
Lozi language
Luba-Kasai language
Luba-Katanga language
Lucazi language
Lugbara language
Lumun language
Lunda language
Luo language
Luyana language
Luyia language
Lyélé language
Maale language
Maasai language
Maay language
Maba language
Mafa language
Makonde language
Makua language
Malagasy language
Mambai language
Mambwe-Lungu language
Mampruli language
Mamvu language
Mandara language
Mande languages
Mandinka language
Mankanya language
Mankon dialect
Mano language
Manya language
Manyika language
Margi language
Masa language
Matengo language
Mawa language
Mba language
Mbai language
Mbala language
Mbara language
Mbato language
Mbelime language
Mbembe language (Cameroon)
Mbole language
Mbomotaba language
Mbukushu language
Mbula language
Mbum language
Mbunda language
Mende language
Meroitic language
Meru language
Meta' language
Migaama language
Mofu-Gudur language
Mongo language
Monzombo language
Mòoré language
Moru-Madi languages
mother tongues
Mubi language
Mukulu language
Mumuye language
Mundu language
Mungaka language
Murle language
Murum language
Musgu language
Muskum language
Mwenyi dialect
Mwera language
Myene language
Nama language
Nambya language
Nande language
Nandi language
Naro language
national languages
Nawdm language
Ndali language
Ndebele language (South Africa)
Ndebele language (Zimbabwe)
Ndonga language
Ndunga language
Nembe dialect
Ngamambo language
Ngangela language
Ngasa language
Ngbaka language
Ngbandi language
Ngemba language
Ngie language
Ngishe language
Ngo language
Ngombe language
Ngoni dialect
Ngoni language
Ngul language
Nguni languages
Ngwana dialect
Niger-Congo languages
Nilamba language
Nilo-Saharan languages
Nilotic languages
Ningi language
Njebi language
Nkim language
Nkoya language
Nkundo dialect
Nkutu language
Noon language
Noone language
Northern Sotho language
Nsenga language
Nso language
Ntaandu dialect
Nubi language
Nubian languages
Nuer language
Nupe language
Nyabwa language
Nyakyusa-Ngonde language
Nyambo language
Nyamwezi language
Nyaneka language
Nyanga language
Nyanja language
Nyankole language
Nyaturu language
Nyole language
Nyoro language
Nzakara language
Nzima language
official languages
Oko language
Omotic languages
Ongota language
Orig dialect
Oromo language
Pa'a language
Paduko language
Pelende language
personal names
Pévé language
Phende language
Pidgin English
Pidgin French
pidgin languages
Pidgin Portuguese
Pila language
place names
plant names
Plateau languages
Pokomo language
Pokot language
Portuguese language
Psikye language
Punu language
Rangi language
Rendille language
Reshe language
Ron language
Ronga language
Rundi language
Russian language
Safwa language
Saharan languages
Saho language
Sakata language
San languages
Sango language
Sanvi dialect
Sapiny language
Sara language
secret languages
Semitic languages
Sena language
Senufo languages
Serer language
Shambala language
Shi language
Shilluk language
Shona language
sign languages
Soga language
Solongo dialect
Somali language
Songe language
Songhai languages
Soninke language
Sotho language
Southern Nilotic languages
Spanish language
Suba language
Suri language
Surmic languages
Susu language
Swahili language
Swazi language
Tabwa language
Tanala dialect
Tangale language
Tarifit language
Tarok language
Tayakou language
Taznatit language
Teke languages
Tem language
Tembo language (Democratic Republic of Congo, Bembe-Kabwari group)
Tembo language (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ngombe group)
Tenda languages
Tepo language
Terik language
Teso language
Tetela language
Tigré language
Tigrigna language
Tikar language
Tima language
Timne language
Tiv language
Tonga language (Malawi)
Tonga language (Mozambique)
Tonga language (Zambia, Zimbabwe)
Tongwe language
Tsogo language
Tsonga language
Tswana language
Tuareg language
Tubu language
Tugen language
Tula language
Tumbuka language
Tupuri language
Turkana language
Twi language
Ukaan language
Uldeme language
Umbundu language
Urdu language
Urhobo language
Vai language
Venda language
Vili language
vulgar parlance
Vunjo language
Waama language
Wan language
Werize dialects
Western Nilotic languages
Winyé language
Wobe language
Wolof language
writing systems
Xhosa language
Yaaku language
Yaka language (Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo)
Yaka language (Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville)
Yalunka language
Yansi language
Yao language
Yemba language
Yengé language
Yeyi language
Yombe language
Yoruba language
Zande language
Zarma language
Zezuru dialect
Zulgo language
Zulu language

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