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Chadic languages       LUcat Search catalogue 294903909

Broader terms
Afroasiatic languages

Narrower terms
Afade language
Bade language
Baldamu language
Bana language (Cameroon, Far North Province)
Bidiyo language
Bole language
Daba language
Dangaleat language
Fyer language
Gwandara language
Hausa language
Hdi language
Laamang language
Mafa language
Mandara language
Margi language
Masana language
Mawa language
Mbara language
Migaama language
Mofu-Gudur language
Mubi language
Mukulu language
Musgu language
Muskum language
Pa'a language
Paduko language
Pévé language
Psikye language
Ron language
Tangale language
Tupuri language
Uldeme language
Zulgo language

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