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popular literature       LUcat Search catalogue 294932666

Scope note
Designates publications about popular literature. Literature intended for or suited to the taste and understanding of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals; literature appealing to the popular taste.

User tips
For specific texts, use 'popular literature (form)'. Examples: 1. Popular literature in Tanzania : its background and relation to 'East African' literature / Stephen H. Arnold. Descriptors: Tanzania, popular literature 2. Veronica my daughter / Ogali A. Ogali. Descriptors: Nigeria, popular literature (form)

Used for
market literature
popular fiction
pulp fiction

Broader terms
popular culture

Narrower terms
comic strips
Onitsha market literature

Related terms
popular literature (form)

Subject category

Indexing history
For publications indexed before 2006, see also popular literature (form).

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