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09.01.02 NAMED POLITIES All subject categories

Abeokuta polity
Aboh polity
Abrem polity
Abron polity
Abutia polity
Accra polity
Ada polity
Adamawa polity
Adansi polity
Adrar polity
Agbor polity
Aghem polity
Aghlabid polity
Ahafo polity
Ahanta polity
Aiyede polity
Akan polities
Akim polity
Akwamu polity
Akwapim polity
Alago polity
Allada polity
Almohad polity
Almoravid polity
Alwah polity
Angoche polity
Angola polity
Anlo polity
Antankarana polity
Anyi polity
Aro polity
Arrah polity
Ashanti polity
Assikasso polity
Auchi polity
Awing polity
Axum polity
Ayar polity
Baakhunu polity
Badagry polity
Bafut polity
Bagirmi polity
Bailundu polity
Bali polity
Bamun polity
Bandjoun polity
Bangangté polity
Bangwa polity
Bangwaketse polity
Banyo polity
Baol polity
Baoulé polity
Barani polity
Barue polity
Bashi polity
Bashu polity
Batawana polity
Bate polity
Bauchi polity
Bemihisatra polity
Benin polity
Bida polity
Boma polity
Bono polity
Borgu polity
Bornu polity
Bouna polity
Buganda polity
Bundu polity
Bunyoro-Kitara polity
Burundi polity
Busaidi polity
Cassange polity
Cayor polity
Cendugu polity
Constantine polity
Dadougou polity
Dagomba polity
Dahomey polity
Damagaram polity
Damot polity
Dar Masalit polity
Dar Sila polity
Darfur polity
Daura polity
Denkyira polity
Diola polity
Djougou polity
Efik polity
Eguafo polity
Elmina polity
Elomwen polity
Fante polity
Fatimid polity
Fetu polity
Firdu polity
Funj polity
Futa Jallon polity
Futa Toro polity
Galam polity
Galinhas polity
Garenganze polity
Garoua polity
Gaza polity
Geledi polity
Genyi polity
Ghana polity
Giribumba polity
Gisaka polity
Goba polity
Gobir polity
Gondar polity
Gonja polity
Griqua polity
Gudur polity
Guin polity
Gwanan polity
Gwandu polity
Hafsid polity
Harar polity
Hausa polities
Heru polity
Ibadan polity
Idaisa polity
Ide polity
Ife polity
Igala polity
Igarra polity
Ijaye polity
Ijesa polity
Ijwi polity
Ila polity
Illo polity
Ilorin polity
Isandra polity
Issalè polity
Itsandra polity
Jaara polity
Jaman polity
Jenne-Jeno polity
Jie polity
Jimma polity
Jolof polity
Jukun polity
Kaabu polity
Kabadougou polity
Kadimo polity
Kadioha polity
Kakongo polity
Kaluluma polity
Kambata polity
Kanem polity
Kano polity
Kanongesha polity
Karagwe polity
Kasa polity
Kasanje polity
Katsina polity
Kawar polity
Kazembe polity
Kebbi polity
Kedjon polity
Keleyadugu polity
Kenedugu polity
Ketu polity
Khasso polity
Kilindi polity
Kilwa polity
Kinkiizi polity
Kiziba polity
Kom polity
Kong polity
Kongo polity
Konta polity
Koya polity
Kpandu polity
Kpembe polity
Kuba polity
Kush polity
Kwahu polity
Kwanyama polity
Kwararafa polity
Kwena polity
Kwimba polity
Kyadya polity
Lagos polity
Lalangina polity
Lambya polity
Lango polity
Lere polity
Limba polity
Liptako polity
Loango polity
Lobedu polity
Lozi polity
Luba polity
Lunda polity
Lundu polity
Lurum polity
Luuka polity
Luwa-Yaka polity
Maale polity
Mahafaly polity
Maigira polity
Mali polity
Malik Ifriqiya polity
Mameluke polity
Mamprusi polity
Manandriana polity
Mandara polity
Mankon polity
Manya Krobo polity
Manyika polity
Maradi polity
Maravi polity
Margi polity
Masina polity
Matabele polity
Matamba polity
Mbundu polity
Mbunga polity
Menabe polity
Merina polity
Merinid polity
Moroa polity
Mossi polities
Mshope polity
Mthwa polity
Mutasa polity
Mutema polity
Mwene Mutapa polity
Nanumba polity
Ndonga polity
Ndongo polity
Ndorwa polity
Ndzundza polity
Nembe-Brass polity
Ngang polity
Ngonde polity
Ngoyo polity
Ngwato polity
Ngweshe polity
Nimikoro polity
Niumi polity
Njelu polity
Njindom polity
Nkore polity
Nkwerre polity
Nnewi polity
Notse polity
Nri polity
Nso polity
Nubia polity
Nupe polity
Nuqara polity
Nyamwezi polity
Nzakara polity
Nzima polity
Ogbele polity
Ogori polity
Oka polity
Okpe polity
Oku polity
Old Calabar polity
Onitsha polity
Opobo polity
Ovambo polity
Owo polity
Oyo polity
Pabir polity
Pate polity
Phalaborwa polity
Porto-Novo polity
Rey-Bouba polity
Rharhabe polity
Rozvi polity
Rustumid polity
Ruund polity
Rwanda polity
Rwenzururu polity
Sabe polity
Sakalava polity
Saloum polity
Samori's polity
Sanwi polity
Sasa polity
Sefwi polity
Segu polity
Semio polity
Shambala polity
Shawa polity
Shungwaya polity
Sine polity
Sokoto polity
Solima polity
Songhai polity
Soroma polity
Soso polity
Soyo polity
Suleja polity
Tado polity
Tammu polity
Taqali polity
Tavara polity
Teke polity
Tenkodogo polity
Thaba Nchu polity
Tigre polity
Tlemcen polity
Toro polity
Trarza polity
Tsa polity
Tswana polities
Tukolor polity
Tundjur polity
Ubani polity
Ughelli polity
Undi polity
Uyombe polity
Vakinankaratra polity
Waalo polity
Wadai polity
Wagadugu polity
Wala polity
Wambu polity
Warri polity
Wase polity
We polity
Whydah polity
Witu polity
Wolaita polity
Xasso polity
Yatenga polity
Yauri polity
Yoruba polities
Zaghawa polity
Zagwe polity
Zaria polity
Zirid polity
Zulu polity

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