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Subject category
18.04 NILO-SAHARAN LANGUAGES All subject categories

Acholi language
Alur language
Ama language
Aringa language
Avukaya language
Bagirmi language
Bari language
Beraku language
Burun language
Central Sudanic languages
Dendi language
Dilling language
Dinka language
Eastern Nilotic languages
Fur language
Gula language
Gumuz language
Hombori dialect
Ik language
Jumjum language
Kadugli language
Kanembu language
Kanuri language
Karko language
Katcha language
Kipsigis language
Kore dialect
Krongo language
Kuliak languages
Kunama language
Kwegu language
Lango language
Lese language
Logo language
Lugbara language
Luo language
Maasai language
Maba language
Mamvu language
Markweeta language
Mbai language
Meroitic language
Moru-Madi languages
Murle language
Murum language
Nandi language
Ngasa language
Nilo-Saharan languages
Nilotic languages
Nubian languages
Nuer language
Pokot language
Saharan languages
Sapiny language
Sara language
Shilluk language
Songhai languages
Southern Nilotic languages
Suri language
Surmic languages
Terik language
Teso language
Tubu language
Tugen language
Turkana language
Western Nilotic languages
Yulu language
Zarma language

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