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African polities      

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Use only to obtain a list of the traditional polities in Africa indexed by name.

Broader terms
political systems

Narrower terms
Algerian polities
Angolan polities
Beninese polities
Botswanan polities
Burkinabe polities
Cameroonian polities
Central African polities
Central African Republic polities
Chadian polities
Comoran polities
Congolese polities (Congo Brazzaville)
Congolese polities (Democratic Republic of Congo)
East African polities
Egyptian polities
Ethiopian polities
Gabonese polities
Gambian polities
Ghanaian polities
Guinean polities
Ivoirian polities
Kenyan polities
Malagasy polities
Malawian polities
Malian polities
Mauritanian polities
Moroccan polities
Mozambican polities
Nigerian polities
Nigerien polities
Northern African polities
Rwandan polities
Senegalese polities
Sierra Leonean polities
Somalian polities
South African polities
Sudanese polities
Tanzanian polities
Togolese polities
Ugandan polities
West African polities
Zambian polities
Zimbabwean polities

Related terms
traditional polities

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