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Bantu languages       LUcat Search catalogue 294900535

Broader terms
Benue-Congo languages

Narrower terms
Aka language
Akoose language
Asu language
Bafaw language
Bafia language
Bajuni language
Bali language (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Basa language
Beembe language (Congo Brazzaville)
Bemba language
Bira language
Boma language
Bube language
Bubi language (Gabon)
Bukusu language
Bulu language
Bushoong language
Chaga language
Chokwe language
Chopi language
Duala language
Enya language
Ewondo language
Fang language
Ganda language
Gciriku language
Gisu language
Gusii language
Gwere language
Ha language
Haya language
Hehe language
Herero language
Holu language
Hunde language
Ikoma language
Ila language
Isu language
Kalanga language
Kamba language
Kanyok language
Kaonde language
Kete language
Kgalagadi language
Kikuyu language
Kimbundu language
Kinga language
Kinyarwanda language
Kongo language
Koonzime language
Kundu language
Kuria language
Kwakum language
Kwambi language
Kwangali language
Kwanyama language
Kwese language
Kwiri language
Lala language
Lamba language
Lega-Mwenga language
Lenje language
Lingala language
Lokele language
Lomwe language
Londo language
Lozi language
Luba-Kasai language
Luba-Katanga language
Lucazi language
Lunda language
Luvale language
Luyana language
Luyia language
Makonde language
Makua language
Mambwe-Lungu language
Manyika language
Matengo language
Mbala language
Mbole language
Mbomotaba language
Mbukushu language
Mbunda language
Meru language
Mongo language
Mwera language
Myene language
Nambya language
Nande language
Ndali language
Ndambomo language
Ndebele language (South Africa)
Ndonga language
Ngangela language
Ngombe language
Ngoni language
Ngul language
Nguni languages
Nilamba language
Njebi language
Nkoya language
Nkutu language
Northern Sotho language
Nsenga language
Nyakyusa-Ngonde language
Nyambo language
Nyamwezi language
Nyaneka language
Nyanga language
Nyanja language
Nyankole language
Nyaturu language
Nyole language
Nyoro language
Pelende language
Phende language
Pokomo language
Punu language
Rangi language
Ronga language
Rundi language
Safwa language
Sakata language
Sena language
Shambala language
Shi language
Shona language
Sira language
Soga language
Songe language
Sotho language
Suba language
Sukuma language
Swahili language
Tabwa language
Teke languages
Tembo language (Democratic Republic of Congo, Bembe-Kabwari group)
Tembo language (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ngombe group)
Tetela language
Tonga language (Malawi)
Tonga language (Mozambique)
Tonga language (Zambia, Zimbabwe)
Tongwe language
Tooro language
Tsogo language
Tsonga language
Tswana language
Tumbuka language
Tunen language
Umbundu language
Venda language
Vili language
Vunjo language
Yaka language (Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo)
Yaka language (Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville)
Yansi language
Yao language
Yasa language
Yengé language
Yeyi language

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