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Cameroonian languages      

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Use only to obtain a list of the languages in Cameroon indexed by name

Broader terms
African languages

Narrower terms
Afade language
Akoose language
Bafaw language
Bafia language
Bafut language
Baka language
Baldamu language
Bambalang language
Bamileke languages
Bamun language
Bana language (Cameroon, Far North Province)
Basa language
Bulu language
Chamba Daka language
Daba language
Duala language
Ekoi language
Esimbi language
Ewondo language
Fang language
Fulfulde language
Gbaya language
Hausa language
Hdi language
Isu language
Jukun languages
Kenyang language
Kom language
Koonzime language
Korop language
Kundu language
Kwakum language
Kwiri language
Laamang language
Limbum language
Londo language
Mafa language
Mambai language
Mandara language
Masana language
Mbembe language (Cameroon)
Mbum language
Meta' language
Mofu-Gudur language
Mumuye language
Mungaka language
Musgu language
Nda'nda' language
Ngamambo language
Ngemba language
Ngie language
Ngishe language
Ngo language
Noone language
Nso language
Paduko language
Pévé language
Psikye language
Sango language
Tikar language
Tiv language
Tunen language
Tupuri language
Uldeme language
Yasa language
Zulgo language

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