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Congolese languages (Democratic Republic of Congo)      

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Use only to obtain a list of the languages in Democratic Republic of Congo indexed by name

Broader terms
African languages

Narrower terms
Alur language
Avukaya language
Bali language (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Bemba language
Bira language
Boma language
Bushoong language
Chokwe language
Enya language
Gbanziri language
Hunde language
Kanyok language
Kaonde language
Kete language
Kinyarwanda language
Kituba language
Kongo language
Kwese language
Lala language
Lamba language
Lega-Mwenga language
Lese language
Lingala language
Logo language
Lokele language
Luba-Kasai language
Luba-Katanga language
Lugbara language
Lunda language
Mamvu language
Mba language
Mbala language
Mbole language
Mongo language
Monzombo language
Mundu language
Nande language
Ndunga language
Ngbaka language
Ngbandi language
Ngombe language
Ngul language
Ngwana dialect
Nkutu language
Nyanga language
Nzakara language
Pelende language
Phende language
Sakata language
Sango language
Shi language
Songe language
Tabwa language
Teke languages
Tembo language (Democratic Republic of Congo, Bembe-Kabwari group)
Tembo language (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ngombe group)
Tetela language
Yaka language (Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo)
Yansi language
Yengé language
Zande language

Related terms
Democratic Republic of Congo

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