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Gur languages       LUcat Search catalogue 294914625

Used for
Goor languages
Voltaic languages

Broader terms
Niger-Congo languages

Narrower terms
Biali language
Boulba language
Buli language
Cerma language
Dagari language
Dagbani language
Dogon language
Dyan language
Farefare language
Gurma language
Gurunsi languages
Kamara language
Karaboro Eastern language
Kulango language
Kurumba language
Kusaal language
Lobi language
Lorhon language
Mampruli language
Mbelime language
Moba language (Togo)
Mor language
Nawdm language
Pila language
Safaliba language
Senufo languages
Sisalla language
Southern Nuni language
Tayakou language
Waama language

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