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Nigerian languages      

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Use only to obtain a list of the languages in Nigeria indexed by name

Broader terms
African languages

Narrower terms
Afade language
Akpa language
Amo language
Bade language
Birom language
Bokyi language
Bole language
Bozo language
Busa language
Chamba Daka language
Edo language
Efik language
Ekoi language
Emai language
Etsako language
Fulfulde language
Fyer language
Gade language
Gokana language
Gun language
Gwandara language
Hausa language
Hdi language
Ibibio language
Idoma language
Igbo language
Ijo language
Ika language
Isekiri language
Isoko language
Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe language
Jarawa language
Jukun languages
Kagoma language
Kaje language
Kanuri language
Koring language
Koro language
Korop language
Kundu language
Laamang language
Limbum language
Mafa language
Mandara language
Margi language
Mbula language
Mumuye language
Ningi language
Nkim language
Nupe language
Oko language
Pa'a language
Psikye language
Reshe language
Ron language
Songhai languages
Tangale language
Tarok language
Tiv language
Tula language
Ukaan language
Urhobo language
Yoruba language

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