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Nigerian polities      

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Use only to obtain a list of the polities in Nigeria indexed by name.

Broader terms
African polities

Narrower terms
Abeokuta polity
Aboh polity
Adamawa polity
Agbor polity
Aiyede polity
Alago polity
Aro polity
Auchi polity
Badagry polity
Bauchi polity
Benin polity
Bida polity
Borgu polity
Daura polity
Efik polity
Gobir polity
Gwandu polity
Hausa polities
Ibadan polity
Ife polity
Igala polity
Igarra polity
Ijaye polity
Ijesa polity
Ila polity
Illo polity
Ilorin polity
Jukun polity
Kano polity
Katsina polity
Kebbi polity
Kwararafa polity
Kyadya polity
Lagos polity
Maigira polity
Margi polity
Moroa polity
Nembe-Brass polity
Nkwerre polity
Nnewi polity
Nri polity
Nupe polity
Ogbele polity
Ogori polity
Oka polity
Okpe polity
Old Calabar polity
Onitsha polity
Opobo polity
Owo polity
Oyo polity
Pabir polity
Sokoto polity
Suleja polity
Ubani polity
Ughelli polity
Warri polity
Wase polity
Yauri polity
Yoruba polities
Zaria polity

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