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Tanzanian languages      

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Use only to obtain a list of the languages in Tanzania indexed by name

Broader terms
African languages

Narrower terms
Arabic language
Asu language
Bemba language
Chaga language
Ha language
Hadza language
Haya language
Hehe language
Ikoma language
Iraqw language
Kinga language
Kinyarwanda language
Kuria language
Luo language
Maasai language
Makonde language
Mambwe-Lungu language
Matengo language
Mwera language
Ndali language
Ngasa language
Ngoni language
Nilamba language
Nyakyusa-Ngonde language
Nyambo language
Nyamwezi language
Nyaturu language
Rangi language
Rundi language
Safwa language
Shambala language
Sukuma language
Swahili language
Tongwe language
Vunjo language
Yao language

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