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Yoruba polities       LUcat Search catalogue 294945180

Scope note
Yoruba kingdoms comprised both distinct and independent states (or sub-ethnic groups) and single towns and groups of villages. In the north of Nigerian Yorubaland were Oyo and Ilorin, in the northwest Ijaye, in the east Ijesha, Ekiti, Igbomina, Owo and Ondo, in the south Ibadan, Ijebu, Egba (Abeokuta), Egbado and Lagos, and in the centre Ile-Ife (the cradle of Yoruba civilization). The western kingdoms, Ketu, Idaisa and Sabe, lay for the most part in present-day Benin. In 1892-1893 all Yoruba states were brought under British control, with the exception of Abeokuta, which remained semi-independent until 1914.

Used for
Yoruba Kingdoms

Broader terms
Beninese polities
Nigerian polities

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