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documents (form)       LUcat Search catalogue 294908315

Scope note
Designates information bearing materials according to nature or purpose, as distinct from content.

User tips
Where possible, a more specific descriptor is used to designate various formal aspects of a document, such as physical medium: videos (form); type or category: reference materials (form), dictionaries (form), bibliographies (form), serials (form); intended audience; special presentation of the narrative: letters (form); literary genre: novels (form), poetry (form).

Narrower terms
audio materials (form)
audiovisual materials (form)
cartographic materials (form)
compilations (form)
instructional materials (form)
literature (form)
manuscripts (form)
occasional publications (form)
personal archives (form)
photos (form)
pictorial works (form)
postcards (form)
primary documents (form)
reference materials (form)
secondary documents (form)
serials (form)
slides (form)

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Added 2006.

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